Connecting Theory and Application of Optoelectronic Devices  
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24-28 July 2017

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Invited Talks

MB1 Lasers, switches and non-reciprocal elements based on photonic crystal Fano resonances; Jesper Mørk, Yi Yu, Dagmawi Bekele, Kristoffer S. Mathiesen, Thorsten S. Rasmussen Elizaveta Semenova, Luisa Ottaviano, Aurimas Sakanas, and Kresten Yvind; Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

MB2 Topology optimization of nanoparticles for localized electromagnetic field enhancement; Rasmus Ellebæk Christiansen (1), Joakim-Vester Petersen (2), Søren Peder Madsen (2), Ole Sigmund (1) ; (1) Technical University of Denmark; (2) Aarhus University; Denmark

MB5 Transport Properties of Nanostructured Graphene; Antti-Pekka Jauho; Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

TuC1 Modeling of organic light emitting diodes: from molecular to device properties; Denis Adrienko; Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany

TuD1 Modeling the physical properties of two-dimensional nanomaterials; Lok C. Lew Yan Voon; University of West Georgia, US

WB1 Tuning and locking of integrated optical filters and circuits; Maziyar Milanizadeh, Daniele Melati, Abi Waqas, Francesco Morichetti, and Andrea Melloni; Politecnico di Milano, Italy (preview)

ThA1 Simulation of Nonlinear Polariton Dynamics in Microcavity wires for Polaritonic Integrated Circuits; Gaby Slavcheva (1), M. V. Koleva (2), A. Pimenov (3) ; (1) University of Bath, UK; (2) University of Oxford, UK; (3) Weierstrass Insitute, Germany (preview)

ThB1 Quantum-dot nanolasers - From control of spontaneous emission to superradiance; Christopher Gies; University of Bremen, Germany

FA1 Dynamic Simulation of Quantum Cascade Laser Structures with Optical Nonlinearities; Christian Jirauschek; Technical University of Munich, Germany (preview)


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